moving beyond bias

a pilot program to change attitudes and practices on campus

Moving Beyond Bias is a learning program that explores how bias works, and how we can reduce its harmful effects on California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) campuses. This material has been implemented in trials nationwide — with positive outcomes — but never before on the scale of this collaborative program. 

This pilot program is intended to supplement existing trainings available at your campus.

raising awareness

Participants examine personal biases and learn how they can influence behavior and decision-making in academic contexts. 

applying key concepts for
organizational change

Participants see the connection between social group biases (whether positive or negative) and their potential impact on university policies, procedures and outcomes.

learningtools and strategies

The training introduces strategies to equip participants to both recognize and disrupt attitudes and practices that are rooted in bias.

practicing the interventions

Participants practice the mindful use of tools and strategies to disrupt bias.